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What to expect during your session Waxahachie Texas

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Maternity - I begin my workflow by acquainting myself with my mom and implementing comfort measures. Next, before posing I explain the agenda for the hour, we have together to make things run smoothly which includes wardrobe changes and make-up that can be provided before the session for an additional fee. I make sure the setup is safe and handled in the most caring manner. Once the session is complete we discuss the next steps.


Newborn - I begin my workflow by acquainting myself with the baby and implementing comfort and soothing measures. Next, before losing the baby, I ensure the setup is safe and I handle the baby most safely. If mom and dad are comfortable enough, the baby is with me most of the time and I allow them to rest and catch up on anything they need to do, as having a newborn can be tiresome and lack of sleep. Mom and dad are free to peep in at any time. Once the session is complete and the baby is returned to mom and dad. The next steps are discussed shortly after the session. These sessions can range from 1-4 hours.


Baby, Family, & Cake Smash - These sessions typically run about an hour long, props and other items may be included depending on the session type. To make your session unique, valuable, and memorable props from home are fine too. Everything for the agenda for all sessions is discussed before making things run smoothly and pets and family members are also welcome during these sessions. Usually, for cake smash sessions we do all the cutesy poses and outfits before the cake to give mom & dad the opportunity to have posed and candid shots. The next steps are discussed toward the end of the session.

cake smash

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